The Crocs of Destiny

A couple of weeks ago, Mr. Mandalay and I kicked off the Richmond and Vicinity Farewell Tour by traveling to Williamsburg, which is roughly an hour away from Current House Mandalay.  Mr. Mandalay’s parents were married in Bruton Church, which is about the only authentic colonial building in Colonial Williamsburg, and they’re buried a couple of miles from it.  We had breakfast at Old Chickahominy House, where we also petted the resident cat, Miss Melinda, and I bought an accent pillow for my bed in its crack house gift shop. Continue reading “The Crocs of Destiny”

The Tale of Mandalay, Part Seven: Endgame

There’s always a sense of unreality when long-awaited plans start coming to fruitionFor me, it started in late March when I flew to Orlando to look at houses.  As I inspected various properties with a young well-dressed realtor in anxious tow, it hit me–holy shit, we’re actually doing this.  I thought it again as we electronically signed the contract to purchase our new home, and again when we closed in early May, our current home already in the disarray that an impending move creates. Continue reading “The Tale of Mandalay, Part Seven: Endgame”

The Tale of Mandalay, Part Six: Making Our Own Luck

Although we hail from dissimilar backgrounds, Mr. Mandalay and I have always complemented each other.  We started our journey together back in 1998 with one room, two people and three cats.  The rooms have increased, the cats have decreased, but we’re still here.  Working at the same office has its benefits, namely easy communication.  It has its difficulties as well, namely we’re on the same ship, just different decks.  We watched the various “migrations” at Ginormocorp and knew that sooner or later it was going to happen to one of us. Continue reading “The Tale of Mandalay, Part Six: Making Our Own Luck”

The Tale of Mandalay, Part Five: A Ringside Seat To A Losing Battle

I have no doubt that Ginormocorp tiptoed gingerly into the Layoff Minefield when it came to my department.  After all, out of forty people approximately ninety percent had been with Country/Ginormocorp for twenty years or more.  Many had been there for over thirty years; one guy had close to forty years.  Getting rid of people who have been with an employer longer than most people in HR have been alive is a tricky thing.  Continue reading “The Tale of Mandalay, Part Five: A Ringside Seat To A Losing Battle”

The Tale of Mandalay, Part Four: Ginormocorp Drops The Big One

Given my history with my employers getting conquered by far larger entities, almost from the moment Ginormocorp acquired Countrycorp Mr. Mandalay and I began preparing for what we thought would be the inevitable.  However, we felt that the process would take at least five years.  As the years passed, though, we learned that for such a … well, ginormous corporation, Ginormocorp really didn’t have its shit together.  It was only in 2015, ten years after the takeover, that we began to see signs that it was ready to do what a good conqueror does.   Continue reading “The Tale of Mandalay, Part Four: Ginormocorp Drops The Big One”