About House Mandalay

Mandalay:  That would be me.  The name comes from a fansite of a British singer I liked for 2.8 seconds back in the oughts, referencing one of his songs.  I’ve used it for years and since it rhymes with “play” I’ll keep on with it.  I was born in the mid-sixties in central New Jersey, moved to east-central Kentucky in the mid-nineties for a few years, ended up in Richmond, Virginia for seventeen years, and now live in Orlando, Florida.  I love reading anything I can get my hands on, cooking, lower mid-tier prog metal, sports, cats and, most importantly, Mr. Mandalay.

Mr. Mandalay:  My husband since 1998.  He was born in the mid-fifties in Virginia Beach, Virginia and bounced between there and other places due to various shenanigans.  One of the places was Kentucky, where we met.  We helped each other get our shit together and become responsible citizens.  It was also his idea to move to Orlando.  He loves cheesy sixties horror flicks, doing goofy things to make himself laugh, the Wall Street Journal, Jimi Hendrix, people and, for some odd reason, me.

Poe:  Our cat, aka the Poe Beast.  He was born around February 2015 and spent most of his kittenhood semi-feral in the Richmond suburbs before we adopted him.  Since he’s a Richmond cat he’s named for Edgar Allan Poe, but many people believe he’s named after the guy in Star Wars or the main character in Kung Fu Panda.  He loves being photographed (he’s very vain as you can see), playing soccer with his stuffed hedgehog, chattering at wildlife and, when he’s in the mood, me and Mr. Mandalay.  Since many people find him interesting, he has his own Instagram at A Cat Named Poe.